RCS MaaP + mCommerce


Setup an RCS MaaP Service in 3 simple steps

  • MNO service provisioning portal
  • Design and
    build chatbot
  • Launch service

RCS Business Messaging | Messaging as a platform

RCS Chatbots

RCS Messaging as a platform (RCS MaaP for A2P) / RCS Business Messaging: operators can enable businesses to deploy chatbots within RCS messaging allowing users to shop, book taxis, order food, buy tickets or use virtually any mCommerce service without the need for additional apps through Rich Communication Services.

At MWCA, Summit demonstrated how service providers can enable RCS Business Messaging through location share, NFC, Bluetooth & RFID tags which trigger location specific MaaP messages delivered when needed, for example entering a fast food outlet to place an order through a chatbot service.

RCS MaaP by Summit Tech features the IMS Connected Car alongside the restaurant drive-thru service comprising of an RCS chatbot linked to an MNO cloud-based mCommerce platform. MNO chatbot services enable businesses from retail, hospitality and the entertainment industry to build and customize a complete end-to-end mCommerce based RCS chatbot service in minutes.