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Innovation at the service of the human experience

The Summit Lab is a collaborative space which unites our design, UX, development & engineering teams to tackle the challenges of our human experience.

At the heart of our innovation is our IMS Network API and RCS Terminal API, which connects cars, phones and homes, alongside various m2m and IoT devices from smartbands / wearables, home automation components, entertainment and communication services including virtual reality, all interconnecting through standards based carrier grade IMS communication services.

We understand how to leverage available technology and invent new ones to create experiences which need to exist. Why live with self-imposed limitations just because this how things have always been?

Status quo is not an option. As fellow humans, we are helping shape the future we want to live in. A world that is smarter, safer, efficient, and most importantly - exciting.

Take a look at how we are transforming our lives: HOME - WORK - HEALTH - PLAY.

Cellular IoT
Cat M1 / NB-IoT

Your Internet of Things from security systems, home climate control & even your appliances all connected through RCS MaaP enabling a unified notification RCS Bots+AI service ensuring global interoperability while lowering the cost of operation for service providers & device manufacturers. Cellular IoT supporting LTE-M (NB-IoT/Cat M1), ZigBee, Bluetooth, Z-Wave & Wi-Fi: www.summit-tech.ca/c-iot


home automation

Enterprise / Collaboration

Never be tied to your desk - with standards-based innovative mobile technologies supporting transparent session handover between smartphones to desktops, conference rooms to automobiles. Share your screen with mobile users during conference calls, overlay real-time designs via screen sharing sessions, or attend remote meetings with telepresence right from your VoLTE / RCS smartphone, tablets, PCs & desk phones.


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mHealth / wellness

IMS enables telecom-grade virtual doctor visits, remote diagnostics and data sharing over secure QoS networks. RCS Plugins & APIs facilitate monitoring of RCS IoT enabled glucometers, oximeters, scales, ECGs & blood pressure monitors with the ability to superimpose data in realtime over HIPAA compliant HD video calls, allowing patients to manage how & when their medical records are shared.



Create immersive & connected mixed reality experiences using telecom grade in-app Rich Communication Services (RCS) - your smartphone's chat, voice & video communication services unified and synced across devices. Connect viewers across platforms with social presence, scheduling & immersive streaming. Available on mobile devices & VR/AR/XR headsets


As we continue to further embrace digital lifestyles and with the advent of AI, many of our interpersonal interactions will evolve through virtual experiences. Although social networking, video calling and messaging keeps us connected to friends, family and colleagues located across the globe, we continue to strive in making social and business-related experiences more real, more human. Through our innovative work with Mixed Reality (VR headsets & smartphones), Augmented Reality and communication services, we are enabling social virtual reality experiences based on telecom enabled IMS & RCS - everywhere from the gaming couch, live event venues, to the boardroom table, with multi-layered communication services immersed within virtual, augmented & 360° video environments: Virtual Reality Calling