Canadian Summit Tech has developed a software which allows virtual reality meetings, using 360 degree cameras placed in meeting rooms or cafes.

People can join as avatars while wearing the headsets, or can call in from their phones, just using the standard smartphone camera.

Alido Di Giovanni, the president of Summit Tech, introduces his product to people.

"We feel that VR isolates people, disconnects people even. Virtual experiences where they are alone or with virtual characters may attract a certain crowd, but you know, the human experience is about connecting people together, and how do we get people to actually want to use it and connect with people in real time. So we have added communication services with VR, standards based features such as video calling on regular telecom networks."

The Asian Age

“…it's bringing something special into people's lives, traveling distances you would never do yourself.” Alido Di Giovanni, President of Summit, Canadian software solutions providers, believes VR's future is very bright.”

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